Our Equipment

The Upright Open MRI scanner is a 0.5T MROpen scanner with an ‘open sky’, stand-up, walk-in design.

It is manufactured by the Paramed MRI Unit of ASG Superconductors. In contrast to conventional horizontal closed-bore MRI scanners, scanning on the Upright Open MRI is possible in a very wide range of postures, including standing, supine (lying down), seated, in squatting, flexion/extension, and more. Custom positioning rigs can be designed and used to recreate specific postures in the scanner.

Researchers using our scanner can access the dedicated Image Analysis lab across the street at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility. This lab was designed for medical image segmentation and analysis and houses specialized Wacom tablets for image segmentation, specialized software (Analyze, Mimics, ImageJ, 3D Slicer, MATLAB) and high-end computers for processing large datasets. We offer three levels of service:

image analysis on monitor with drawing tool

  1. Access only: access to the Image Analysis lab for experienced users
  2. Training and access: our experienced staff can train researchers in image segmentation and quantitative analysis
  3. Full service: we can segment your scans and write code to quantitatively analyze your data for you